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Marriage Retreat 
January 26-28, 2024

Come and enjoy a weekend of fabulous food, inspirational and entertaining sessions, fun activities, and time for each other. 

Activities include Zip Line, Archery Tag, Climbing Wall and more!

Arrive on Friday at 7:00 p.m. for Registration

Our Speakers 

With the Stanley Cup at the Hockey Heroes Game.jpg number 2.jpg

Stanley Cup Champion and NHL Man of the Year, Ryan Walter, has been a TV broadcaster, author, business-owner, actor, NHL coach, and President of a professional hockey team.

His wife, Jenn, is a hockey wife/hockey Mom, speaker, and editor who shares Ryan’s passion for inspiring people’s best.  

In addition to raising their 5 children, they have been speaking, training, and writing together and married for 41 years. Ryan serves on the Spartan Foundation Board of Directors and is a member of the Seton Hall Stillman School of Business Leadership Advisory Council. They both treasure time spent with their 6 grandchildren.

Full marriage retreat: $230/person ($460/couple) 

Full marriage retreat (no accommodations):  $175/person ($350/couple) 

Saturday-only marriage retreat: $115/person ($230/couple) 

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