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 Leader  in training

The LIT program is led by some of our most knowledgeable, and wisest summer team members in order to ensure a high quality experience.

It's a 3-4 week diverse and highly rewarding program, designed to combine the fun of camp with valuable training to prepare participants to be our future star summer team members. LITs will develop many skills and work in many areas, including kitchen, dishes, cleaning bathrooms, maintenance, and program. The LITs will go through many of our summer team training seminars, as well as multiple devotionals to help build both their faith and knowledge. Former LITs will be given preferred consideration for summer team.

LIT's get breaks/weekends on the same schedule as our weekly camps. Reference the Camper Schedule to see when the LIT will be required to be at camp or on a break.

LIT registration is subject to an application. 


Click here to provide a reference for a Leader in training applicant.

Age Requirement: Completed Gr. 9 - 12

LIT #1 - 2023

LIT #2 - 2023

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