weekly volunteers

During the summer, we welcome and depend upon the services of many different people, and we are hoping that you will be one of them this year! Learn more about our weekly volunteer opportunities below. If you want to make a difference, but only have a week or two to give, then let's get in touch!


Contact us if you feel that you can make a difference in an area not listed below. 

camp speaker

One of the most relied-upon roles, a Camp Speaker is needed every week both at our Main Site and at WilderNess. As the Camp Speaker, you will prepare age-sensitive Christian messages in line with Evangelical beliefs, and will speak in chapels for the prescribed number of times during the week. While you will be given time and space during the week to work on your talks, it is also expected that you make meaningful connections with campers by participating in camp activities.

health attendant

Called upon many times during the day and night, the Health Attendant fulfills a vital role by organizing and administering camper medications, responding to minor health and first aid needs and assisting our first-aid and waterfront personnel with major first aid crises. As the Health Attendant, you will be available to assist with camper health needs 24/7, and will carry a radio at all times. You will also be qualified with one or more of the following licenses:

  • Occupational First Aid (Level 3) - Preferred

  • Emergency Medical Responder

  • Paramedic (PCP / ACP / CCP)

  • Licensed Practical Nurse / Registered Nurse / Nursing Students

  • Physician / Medical Doctor

camp grandparent

We demand a lot of our Cabin Team, and providing them with the necessary support is vital to us. As a Camp Grandparent (or Aunt or Uncle... no one's judging), you will be available 24/7 to assist with homesick campers, children requiring extra care, and children requiring behavior support. You will be expected to carry a radio at all times, and to make meaningful connections with campers, especially those who do have trouble fitting in to camp's rhythm. 


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Leidli T'enneh First Nation in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
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