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Enjoy a week in the woods where we trade in electricity and running water for an opportunity to learn and experience the environment around us. With games and activities geared towards a more laid-back pace, WilderNess looks to have a schedule that prioritizes different energy levels, hands-on learning, and the Gospel.


Campers will be provided with meals just like at Main Camp but also the opportunity to cook their own!! So check out the different camp styles and come enjoy the woods!

All campers will sleep in wall tents and provide their own bedding. Please provide a separate bag for scented items for safe overnight storage.

Click on the buttons below to learn more about each camp.

If you require assistance with covering the costs of camp, please click here to apply.

If your child requires any medication during the week, please up them in a Ziploc Bag with the camper's name and fill out the medical administration schedule and bring it to the camp to give to our Health Attendant.

Click here to download the medical administration schedule



Expedition Camp


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