Cabin Leaders

Reporting to the Head Leading Team, the Cabin Leader will assume responsibility for a cabin of up to 8 children of the same gender for each camp session, as well as a Leader-In-Training with whom he or she will work as a team. This includes working and interacting with children from the moment they wake up, until the moment they go to sleep, as well as responding to a variety of camper needs during the night. The Cabin Leader will also be expected to provide leadership over activities and skills such as Jungle Swing, Zipline, and Canoeing, and to participate in camp-wide activities such as chapel and wide-games. At least one hour of time off per day will be allotted to each Cabin Leader.


The Cabin Leader will demonstrate excellent command of a group, a proven aptitude to act as a mentor and trainer, an ability to show enthusiasm easily, and an awareness of age-appropriate speech and conduct. The Cabin Leader will understand the need for, and be willing to work long days with many duties and responsibilities. The Cabin Leader is considered a Summer Missionary, and therefore is expected to have confessed a faith in Jesus Christ, and to demonstrate "unquestionable conduct and unquestionable obedience to Christ," reflected in the way that he or she lives at and away from camp. 

Male cabin Leaders

Anthony Guenther

Cabin Leader 1

Joseph Baerg

Cabin Leader 4

daniel chui

Cabin leader 7

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Cabin Leader 10

Jonah Dell

Cabin Leader 2

joseph bromeling

Cabin Leader 5


Cabin Leader 8

Cole Willman

Cabin Leader 3

daniel choi

Cabin Leader 6


Cabin Leader 9

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Cabin Leader 11

feMale cabin Leaders

Janel Andersen

Cabin Leader 12

Meg Peters

Cabin Leader 13

Alyssa Fitzpatrick

Cabin Leader 14

Grace Duerksen Website Photo.png

Grace Duerksen

Cabin Leader 15

Jen O'neill

Cabin Leader 16

Malia Dyck

Cabin Leader 17

Maria Harraway.png

Maria Harraway

Cabin Leader 18

Camile Hebert

Cabin Leader 19

Miriam Holmes

Cabin Leader 20


Cabin Leader 21


Cabin Leader 22


Cabin Leader 23


Cabin Leader 24


Cabin Leader 25


Cabin Leader 26