Summer Camps

Archery. Zipline. Fire and Food. Tumblers. Riflery. Chapel. Sounding familiar? 


From the moment you wake up to the time your head hits the pillow, your day will be packed with high-adrenaline action. No matter where you come from, where you're going, who you are or what you believe, we want you as a camper! Check out our available summer camps below, and we'll see you at the lake!


If you require assistance with covering the costs of camp, we want to get in touch! Click here to apply for camper funding.


  • Squirt camp

    Two days so packed full of high-energy activities, personable age-sensitive leaders, nutritious food and fun wide-games that you won't even have time to be homesick! With only two sleeps at camp, Squirt Camp is short enough to be away from home, but long enough to experience the very best of camp! 


    2019 Dates & Rates: 

    • [Squirt 1] June 28- June 30          Early Bird: $130. Regular Price: $140.     2 Nights
    • [Squirt 2] July 29 - July 31           Early Bird: $130. Regular Price: $140.     2 Nights

  • Junior Camp

    Junior Camp is sure to be one of your all-time favourite camp experiences! Four nights and five days of meaningful interaction with positive, age-sensitive role-models, unique and iconic activities, fun games and tasty, nutritious food will have you coming back year after year!

    2019 Dates & Rates: 

    • [Junior 1] July 1-5               Early Bird: $270. Regular Price: $285.      4 Nights
    • [Junior 2] July 14-18           Early Bird: $270. Regular Price: $285.      4 Nights
    • [Junior 3] August 6-10        Early Bird: $270. Regular Price: $285.      4 Nights
    • [Junior 4] August 25-30      Early Bird: $270. Regular Price: $285.      4 Nights

  • intermediate camp

    With five nights at camp, there is nothing you will miss out on at Intermediate Camp! Experience all of camp's classic activities, plus activities only available to intermediate campers such as rocketry (fire ban permitting), wakeboard and waterski. Plus, play some special wide-games Juniors and Squirts just don't have time to play! 


    2019 Dates & Rates: 

    • [Intermediate 1]: July 7-12          Early Bird: $390. Regular Price: $410.     5 Nights.
    • [Intermediate 2]: August 11-16   Early Bird: $390. Regular Price: $410.     5 Nights. 
    • [Intermediate 3]: August 25-30   Early Bird: $390. Regular Price: $410.     5 Nights. morning dismissal. Ages 9-13

  • Teen Camp

    The best of camp, kicked up to the highest notch! Sign up for your skills each morning, and experience unique activities such as wakesurfing, Super Mario skill, and even Instagram skill! Hike out to a campout location with your cabin and spend a night under the stars around a campfire. Enjoy special games and activities, including the Teen Camp Banquet! 


    2019 Dates & Rates:

    • [Teen Camp] July 21-27      Early Bird: $420. Regular Price: $440.     6 Nights.

  • Family Camp

    Pack up the mom, the dad, the wife, the husband, the kids, and the dog (okay maybe not the dog), and head out to camp for August long weekend! No matter what your family looks like, all of our activities that are usually reserved for kids' camps are open to adults too! Take in the jungle swing or zipline together, or simply reserve your spot on the beach for a day at the waterfront! We will even schedule in treats for the adults (how does a fancy dinner and dessert sound?), and we'll even watch your kids while you're at it!



    • [Family Camp]: August 2-5 (3 nights)

    Rates are applied per person: 

    • Adult   (13+):    Early Bird: $195. Regular Price: $205.
    • Youth  (7-12):   Early Bird: $160. Regular Price: $170.
    • Child   (2-6):     Early Bird: $100. Regular Price: $120.
    • Family max:     Early Bird: $650. Regular Price: $695