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Tyler Lane



The Year Round Crew is responsible for completing many tasks and reports to the Operations Director. From cleaning dishes and bathrooms to attempting to rescue a drone from the lake they are the front line for our year-round events. Tyler loves the people and the community here and has learned that laundry is his favorite job! He enjoys the chaos of the summer as well as the restful time in the year-round. This past summer he was the Head Day Camp Leader! His attention to detail and being able to connect quickly made him great for the position! He is enthusiastic about writing his update letters and sharing his learning and experiences with those who want to listen! 
Year Round Crew is great and he is really enjoying himself, but he is excited and looking forward to the summer again! He was the 2nd to submit his application for Summer 2024! 

As an NLBC missionary, Tyler's salary requires fundraising. To partner with Tyler in the ministry that he does, please click the button below. 

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