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Emma Wiens 

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YEAR-ROUND CREW - Kitchen Assistant

Emma is in a Year Round Crew position with a focus in the Kitchen! At the moment she's the interim Food Services Assistant and works with the Food Services Manager for guest groups, our own year round events and during the summer!

During the summer she can be found in the kitchen managing a team of 3-5 summer team, teaching them different skills, and getting the meals out to campers! In her off time during summer, she can be found helping at the waterfront with boats or up at the shop cleaning our vehicles! Wherever she can help out, she's there!

During the year round season, Emma's duties include keeping the kitchen stocked, and tidy and helping produce food thats tasty, on time, at the correct temperature, and plentiful! When time permits and it's needed, she helps the rest of the year round crew with housekeeping and cleaning when they need to reset buildings for different groups. 

This is her second season at NLBC and it's been nothing short of an adventure! God is continually showing her new things about Himself and her faith has grown tremendously. She's grateful for the team she gets to work with, they're pretty awesome! She's excited about what's to come this next season and into the summer!

As an NLBC missionary, Emma's salary requires fundraising. To partner with Emma in the ministry that she does, please click the button below. 

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