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wilderness assistant director

Reporting to the WilderNess Director, the WilderNess Assistant Director is responsible for working alongside the WilderNess Director for the operation and program implementation of Ness Lake Bible Camp's satellite camp, WilderNess. Responsibilities include the co-management of up to 12 staff and volunteers including the WilderNess Assistant Director, the maintenance of all safety equipment, the direction of up to 40 campers, and the intervention into any summer team or camper related conflict. Additionally, either the WilderNess Director or the WilderNess Assistant Director will be required to obtain his or her certification in Occupational First Aid Level 3, and to act as the site's permanent Health Attendant. The WilderNess Assistant Director and the WilderNess Director must be of opposing genders, and Ness Lake Bible Camp will recruit and hire accordingly.


The WilderNess Assistant Director will demonstrate an exceptional aptitude for program planning and implementation, effective command of a large group or crowd, excellent awareness of age-appropriate content delivery and behavior, and an ability to lead effectively in crisis. The WilderNess Assistant Director will be required to obtain his or her Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator's Card and to operate watercraft relative to his or her position. 


This position requires a 2-year commitment. Following successful completion of the WilderNess Assistant Director's first summer, he or she will return as the WilderNess Director, providing mentorship and training to the new Assistant.


This position is in effect from May 6 to August 31.

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