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The Program Director is the person that makes summer camp FUN!! Dayna loves her job so much that she barely considers it work. Her favourite program season is Summer when her camp name is Sparkles and especially when running the Wheel-of-Squeals at lunchtime (unless she gets pushed in the lake, which is not her favourite).

She also loves wide games, Tribunal, and going on the GiantNess with campers. She can often be seen walking with her daughter Violet, who has been known to call her mom "stinky Mama" into the mic during announcements.  

Reporting to the Operations Director, Dayna ensures that the summer camp program is gospel-centered, efficient, safe, welcoming, and engaging for all children and youth and of course SUPER FUN!  The Program Director is also responsible for all the Year-Round programming for the various camps that happen from September to June each year, Women's Weekend, Polar Bear Dip, Mother Daughter and so much more!

As a One Hope Canada missionary, Dayna's salary requires fundraising. To partner with Dayna in the ministry that she does, please click the button below. 

Click here to email the Program Director.

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