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Of course we want kids to have fun at camp, but you can't have fun if you're injured or if your feelings have been hurt. We have a First Aid Attendant on site at all times who are typically doctors or nurses as well as at least one staff member with their Occupational First Aid Level 3. Camp Health Attendants have a radio on them at all times of the day and night, so if an injury happens or if they get sick, they will get looked after promptly and efficiently. Most of our cabin leaders have First Aid training. Our lifeguards who have specialized medical training along with their Bronze Cross/Medallion or National Lifeguard certification. Each member of our summer missionary team from cooks to maintenance to our cabin leaders are required to take In Safe Hands training. In Safe Hands thoroughly goes through how to deal with difficult situations at camp and covers everything from abusive situations to bullying. To learn more visit your SAFETY PAGE.


Yes, thats right! No matter how old or young you are, there is a camp for you here at Ness Lake Bible Camp. Of course we have summer camps for kids between ages 6-18,but we have much more available than that. If your kids are under 6 years old, come on out to our Family Camp and spend time together enjoying what we have to offer. We even have a large variety of specialty camps including Watersports, Creative Arts, and Teen camp. We also have Women's Weekend, Polar Bear Dip, Marriage Retreat Weekend, Mother/Daughter Camp, Men's Weekend and the amazing Family Work Weekend! Pick a camp and come see us.


We understand that money is sometimes tight and you may have the idea that summer camps are expensive. Fortunately, Ness Lake Bible Camp is doing there absolute best to give you the absolute best bang for your buck at camp. With camps starting as low as $140/week to our all out 6 days/7 nights Teen camp for $420. Most activities come at no extra cost. Compare these prices to child care at $60/day and you'll see just how much farther your dollar goes here.


We believe that everyone needs to hear about the love God has for them and how He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. We have two chapel sessions a day where speakers teach about Gods love, as well as daily devotions that happen in cabins led by the cabin leaders. We also strongly believe that everyone has a personal choice when it comes to faith and religion. We teach our staff the never force any camper to adhere to our beliefs but to create a constructive dialogue.


We have jam packed every waking second of camp with loads and loads of fun! Each day the kids at camp get to go swimming, play games, plus do tons of activites. Everything we do at camp during the summer is so that campers can have the best experience and most fun possible.