LOVE Letter Stamps

$200/person after December 22nd

$108/person for only Saturday after December 22nd

Individual and community safety is our first concern.
We appreciate your patience as plans may change in order to meet and exceed the most up to date public health orders.
Full refunds will be available for any cancelled events.

$180/person before December 22nd

$99/person for onlySaturday before December 22nd




Marriage Retreat


Naomi and Johannes Giede

Johannes Giede is a psychiatrist who has worked in the field since 1998. He is an award winning instructor for medical students and psychiatry residents. He has been an elder at Westwood church several times for many years. He loves to learn and teach on controversial and challenging questions. He was raised in PG and worked initially as a GP for five years before seeking training in psychiatry.


"I have my master's degree in counselling and work for Northern Health as a mental health clinician. My primary interest is in relationship dynamics. We have two adult sons, one daughter in law and two amazing grandchildren".