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Junior Cabin Leaders

Reporting to his or her respective Cabin Leader, and to the Head Leading Team, the Junior Cabin Leader is responsible for the co-leadership of a cabin of up to 10 children. Duties include working closely with his or her Cabin Leader for the implementation of cabin games, Bible studies, and one-on-one camper interaction. He or she will also be expected to participate fully in all NLBC programs, including wide games, chapels, and summer-team specific events such as Junior Cabin Leader Worship.


The Junior Cabin Leader will demonstrate a strong willingness to learn and a responsiveness to correction. He or she will work well as part of a team, and will demonstrate a developing ability to present information and direction in an age-appropriate manner to children. He or she will have placed his or her faith in Jesus Christ, and will demonstrate a proven involvement in a church local to him or her. He or she preferably has completed the LIT Program.

Tyler Lane.jpg

Tyler Lane

Junior Leader 4

Liam Tiefensee.png

Liam tiefensee

Junior Leader 7

NessLake blank.png

Ethan Crego

Junior Leader 10

Copy of NessLake blank.png


Junior Leader 13

Robert Redden.jpg

Robert REdden

Junior Leader 5

Nathaniel Kingsley

Nate Kingsley.jpg

Junior Leader 8

NessLake blank.png


Junior Leader 11

NessLake blank.png


Junior Leader 14

Cole Staves.jpg

COle Staves

Junior Leader 6

Calum Dyck.jpg

Calum Dyck

Junior Leader 9

NessLake blank.png


Junior Leader 12

NessLake blank.png


Junior Leader 15

Male Junior Cabin Leaders

Copy of NessLake blank.png

Brendan Carlaw

Junior Leader 1

Colin Dyck.jpg

Colin Dyck

Junior Leader 2

Isaiah Foreman.jpg

Isaiah Foreman

Junior Leader 3

feMale Junior Cabin Leaders

Alyssa Fitzpatrick.jpg

Alyssa Fitzpatrick

Junior Leader 16

Copy of NessLake blank.png

Julie Hebert 

Junior Leader 19

Copy of NessLake blank.png

Celia Holm

Junior Leader 22

Mary Duerksen.jpg

Mary Duerksen

Junior Leader 25

NessLake blank.png


Junior Leader 28

Brianna G.jpg

Brianna Giesbrecht

Junior Leader 17

Jaz Teichman.jpg

Jaz Teichman

Junior Leader 20


Emily Giesbrecht

Junior Leader 23



Junior Leader 26

NessLake blank.png


Junior Leader 29

Sophia Grasley.jpg

Sophia Grasley

Junior Leader 18

Alyssa Sims.jpg

Alyssa Simms

Junior Leader 21

Hannah Cabilao.jpg

Hannah Cabilao

Junior Leader 24 



Junior Leader 27

NessLake blank.png


Junior Leader 30

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