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It's Smoky and We're having a blast! 


As a camp we recognize that smoke has a major negative impact on the health of campers, staff and volunteers. On smoky days the following steps are taken to help protect everyone involved in our programs:

  • Campers and team will be told of the changes to program and activities and the reasons why listed below.

  • Campers and Team will be talked to about their own health

  • listen to your body and be aware of changes to your health due to smoke

  • If you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, such as coughing or irritated airways, you should rest and/or seek cleaner air space. 

  • Individuals with asthma should activate their asthma management plan. 

  • For most people, exposure to extreme heat is a bigger risk to health than exposure to wildfire smoke. If you cannot get cool inside, go outside even if there is smoke.

  • We remove high intensity activities that require running or lots of cardio and modify or replace them with lower intensity games and activities. (example-changing wide games where running is required to games that can be played walking. Changing the activity to something that is done indoors if a low intensity outdoor option is not available may be required. Swimming is OK but not intense distance or competitive swimming. For the WilderNess Trek camps campers would walk but not carry their bags)

  • Whenever possible our team will use air conditioners, fans, and window shades to keep air space comfortably cool on hot days. Overheating can cause serious health problems.

  • Moving activities to be indoor when possible (14-16 hours a day indoors)
    Chapel (1 Hour)
    Cabin Discussion (.5-.75 Hour)
    Bed time- (9-11 Hour depending on age group)
    Meals (2.5-3 Hours)
    Skills, cabin time, misc activities (1-4 hours)

We believe Ness Lake Bible Camp is a great site to spend a week even or especially while there is poor air quality as we are out of the bowl, away from the industrial air pollutants found within Prince George and away from high traffic areas. It is unlikely that we will cancel camp sessions due to smoke. If you feel like you need to pull your camper from a camp session standard cancelation policies will apply. 

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