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Junia Gauthier



The Food Services Manager is responsible for the planning, preparation and implementation of the food service needs of both NLBC's camps and guest groups! Junia plans and prepares nutritious, age-appropriate meals for up to 300 guests, accommodates guests with dietary restrictions, and manages a team of kitchen staff. She loves to bake, and makes hundreds of cinnamon buns for the Polar Bear Dip every year. Junia's passionate about food and loves teaching others new skills in the kitchen, and has been working in the camp's kitchen for almost 6 years. She also recently got married, and is enjoying sharing camp ministry with her husband Michael as he is the WilderNess Director! 

As a missionary with One Hope Canada, the Food Services salary requires fundraising. If you would like to partner with this position in the ministry that they do, please click the button below!


Click here to email the Food Services Manager.

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