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How is camp moving forward

With the covid-19 situation?

Will Ness Lake Bible Camp consider running any day camp or family camp options?

Not at this point. While this is a consideration, a day camp program is strongly tied to our summer programming missionaries.  The safety of our ministry team and guests is our #1 priority and in order to maintain safe physical distancing while running these programs we felt would be problematic.  As a result, at this point we will not be offering any day camp options. 


If Ness Lake Bible Camp is not running programs, can we come up and visit, or stay with our family?

Yes. We are currently open for rentals with a capacity of 50 people per group. Our food service and all of our normal accomodations are available to rent. If you are interested in bringing a small group to camp for a retreat or gathering in late summer or fall, please contact Jared, our Guest Services Manager, who can help as details become available:

What about next year? Will Ness Lake Bible Camp be running summer programs in 2021?

Yes, we are hoping and planning to run summer camps in 2021. While it looks like COVID-19 will change the nature of gatherings for some time, we are confident that we will find creative ways to provide safe camping opportunities for groups and summer camps in the “new normal” that we will all experience.


What will Ness Lake Bible Camp be doing instead this summer?

Our attention will shift from summer programs to other things. We are looking at trying to connect with various communities and children throughout the summer.  We are also planning on doing some work projects that would not be possible with hundreds of campers running around the property.  Finally, we recognize that this will be an opportunity for our property and our full-time ministry team to take a breather from the rigours of busy summers. Almost like leaving a field fallow for a year without planting, some of our full-time ministry team members have worked tirelessly through many summers in a row and will benefit from a slower paced summer season.

Will Ness Lake Bible Camp provide any online or virtual camp options?

No. There are many great resources for parents to keep children engaged online, and our expertise is in providing outdoor camps. Through our online survey in early May, our parents also made it clear that they prefer their children to be active and outdoors, rather than connecting to additional screen time. We will continue to stay connected to our camp community through social media. Look for us particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

Can I help Ness Lake Bible Camp financially?

Yes, if you would like to help support Ness Lake Bible Camp at this time you can contribute online at, or by looking for the ‘Donate Online’ button on our home page.  We will happily provide you with a tax receipt for any donation over $20. We do not wish to burden anyone else who is experiencing financial loss during this difficult time for everyone; however, we are grateful for anyone who feels they are able to help. We have lost significant revenue from our Spring and Summer seasons, with uncertain prospects for the Fall, while still incurring many fixed costs.

I can’t help financially, but I have time and would love to volunteer to help Ness Lake Bible Camp. What can I do?

As we shift our focus from preparing for summer campers, we will no doubt realize the many opportunities that we have to address projects on our site. Please contact Elliott Harder, our Executive Director at, and provide your contact information and any particular skills or contributions you think you might be able to make. We will be happy to follow up with you as we identify areas that people may be able to help us out. The generosity of these contributions always warms the hearts of our ministry team members.

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