Frequently asked questions

Weekly Inspection

A weekly walk through of your home to make sure everything is as it should be.

Preparing the house for your visits

Your home will be stocked with food, the beds made, and anything else you need, ready for your arrival.

General upkeep and maintenance of appliances

Checking the appliances, windows, plumbing, heating, A/C are all in order, which is also critical in terms of insurance.

Utilities maintenance

Dealing with utility bills and maintenance.

Gardening, cleaning, and pool maintenance

Coordinating and overseeing regular professional pool maintenance, cleaning, and gardening.

Taking preventative measures to avoid damages

Dealing with leaks, mold, wear and tear, before they turn into a major issue. Roof checks before the winter.

Accepting deliveries/accompanying technicians

We will be there when necessary to accept deliveries of goods and services.

Alarm and emergency control

We are the contact people for the house alarm company and the address for any other emergency.

Quarterly reporting

We provide a quarterly report covering the activities and invoices relating to your property.


Ness Lake Bible Camp is owned and operated by One Hope Canada, and is an accredited member of both the BC Camping Association and the Fellowship of Christian Camp - BC. Our property exists on the traditional territory of the
Leidli T'enneh First Nation in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
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2021 Ness Lake Bible Camp

23705 Camp Road, V2K 5M1, Prince George, British Columbia

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