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Chapel coordinator

*Note: This is a supplementary role, and is paired with another summer team role.


Reporting to the Assistant Director, the Chapel Coordinator is responsible for preparing chapel content such as worship songs and ProPresenter slides, the organization of worship teams, and the management of sound equipment (i.e. microphones, monitors, etc.). He or she will act as the primary contact person for the weekly Camp Speaker, facilitating his or her settling in and orientation, and chapel talk preparation. Additionally, the Chapel Coordinator will be expected to participate in chapel by occasionally leading music teams.


The Chapel Coordinator will be a musician and will have experience performing in front of crowds. He or she will have the ability to command an audience, and will be passionate about worship through music. He or she will preferably have an intermediate to advanced understanding of sound engineering. Hiring of this position is subject to the suitability of his or her other role. Applicants must audition for this role. 


This role is in effect from June 22 to August 30.

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