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Reporting to the Head Leader (Male) and working closely with the Head Leading Team, the Assistant Head Leader will assist the Head Leader in assuming responsibility of the entire Male Cabin Team. He will assist in the planning and implementation of the Summer Team Training week in late June, and will assist in the organization of male small groups, cabin assignments and other clerical duties. He will also act as an authority figure, supporting the Head Leader in matters of behaviour intervention and crisis management. He will engage with campers and provide assistance to the Cabin Team as needed.


The Assistant Head Leader will possess exceptional clerical skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office. He will demonstrate exceptional command of a group, will have an aptitude for teaching, will work well as part of a team, and will possess a proven ability to handle conflict calmly and professionally. The Assistant Head Leader must have a minimum of two years of Bible School training, though a combination of skills and qualifications may be considered as an alternative.




This position is in effect from May 21 to August 31.

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